Innovation (INN)

Innovation programs are defined as a novel, creative and/or ingenious mental health practices/approaches. The programs are short term and expected to contribute to learning, and are developed within communities through a process that is inclusive and representative, especially of unserved and underserved individuals. The Innovation Component allows counties the opportunity to “try out” new approaches that can inform current and future mental health practices/approaches.

In 2017, the County of San Diego initiated four new Cycle 4 Innovation Programs, detailed in the links below. Additionally, two Cycle 3 programs were approved for expansion and extension. All Innovation programs are developed through Community Program Planning, approved by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and accepted by the state. In 2018, one additional Cycle 4 project will be submitted for approval. Links to documents detailing earlier cycles are also included below.

For Public Review: MHSA Innovation Reversion Plan, Posted June 30, 2018 – July 31, 2018

Chartered in 2017, AB 114 requires counties to prepare and publically post a plan for Mental Health Services Act funding from Fiscal Years 2005-06 through 2014-15 that is subject to reversion to the state. The Department of Health Care Services has determined that $7,223,768 of Innovation funds were subject to reversion as of July 1, 2017 (see attached chart). The following is a plan that describes how these funds have been allocated for Innovation projects by the County of San Diego to be spent by June 30, 2020, meeting the regulatory requirements of AB 114 and providing the best possible behavioral health services for San Diego County. To provide comment on the proposed Innovation Reversion Plan, detailed above, please reply to either 619-584-5063 (Toll Free: 888-977-6763) or email

MHSA Innovation Reversion Plan Draft

County of San Diego Innovation 2017 (Cycles 3 and 4)

Innovations Annual Reports 2017 (Cycles 3 and 4)
Cycle 3 Innovation Programs Approved for Expansion and Extension
Cycle 4 Innovation Programs Approved in 2017

County of San Diego Innovation Development (Cycle 3)

Ideas from Stakeholders Cycle 3 (3/28/2014)
Mental Health Services Act Innovation Project Plan Summary (10/3/2013)
Innovation Community Input Form (10/3/2013)
MHSOAC Innovation Decision Path for Projects (10/14/2009)
Innovation Parking Lot (4/14/2010)

County of San Diego Innovation Plan

Innovation Program Summary (06/29/2016)
Update to FY 10/11 Annual Update - Innovation Cycle #2 (4/20/2011)
Initial Innovation Plan Cycle #1 (12/3/2009)

County of San Diego Innovation Development (Cycles 1 & 2)

Ideas from Stakeholders Cycles 1 and 2 (8/23/2010)
INN Cycle #2 - Themes, Problems/Barriers and Learning Goals (12/10/2010)
INN Cycle #2 - Mental Health Board Study Group Ranking (9/13/2010)
INN Cycle #2 - INN Workgroup and Mental Health Board Study Group (9/8/2010)
MHSOAC Innovation Decision Path for Projects (10/14/2009)
Innovation Cross-Threading Workgroup (5/8/2009)
Innovation Community Input (5/8/2009)
Mental Health Services Act Innovation Projects Evaluation 2015 (12-17-15)

Family and Youth Round Table (FYRT) and Recovery Innovations of California (RICA) conducted a number of focus groups throughout the County on the five proposed Innovation programs. Reports from these focus groups are available below.

FYR Innovation Focus Group Report
RICA Innovation Focus Group Report