Community Services and Supports (CSS)

The first generation of new MHSA programs and strategies have been implemented through the approved Community Services and Supports (CSS) component. These programs and strategies are improving access to underserved populations, bringing recovery approaches to current systems, and providing “whatever it takes” services to those most in need. New programs offer integrated, recovery-oriented mental health treatment; case management and linkage to essential services; housing and vocational support; and self-help.


The initial CSS component was developed after a comprehensive community planning process. The plan can be viewed by clicking on the "CSS Initial Plan Addendum (3/15/2006)" below. Updates to this plan can be viewed by clicking on "Documents" on the left side of the page.

Reports and Documents

CSS Initial Plan Addendum (3/15/2006)
CSS Initial Plan (12/13/2005)
CSS Program Summary (06/29/2016)
HSRC FSP Annual Report October 2015 (10/28/15)